Torggata Botaniske

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Torggata Botaniske


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A unique botanical bar in Oslo, Torggata Botaniske's is famous for walls lined with vines and for using homegrown plants in their stunning cocktail line.

While we have plenty of experience on this site talking about bars that have filled their space with the utmost of striking effects (many of which include gobs of greenery) we have never, ever seen anything like Torggata Botaniske. No, this lush, botanical wonderland in Norway’s capital is like nothing else (in a very good way), and to top it off, they make seriously stunning cocktails, too.
Located in the center of Oslo, Torggata Botaniske is literally alive with plant life, and from the moment you walk in, it lifts your spirits and puts you in the mood to lift a drink. Vines dangle and cling to nearly every corner of the ceiling, with the myriad of mirrors in the venue helping to make the space feel much bigger (and more Amazon jungle) than it truly is. The flora is balanced out by a vintage candelabra here and a quintessentially Scandinavian light fixture there, but it’s definitely all about the greenery, including a specially-conditioned room where even more plants are grown, many of which end up in the drinks. 
Speaking of: naturally, the cocktail menu at Torggata Botaniske evolves with the seasons (a recent example was a herbal Oslo Tea Party), but regardless of the time of year, you can always bet on being served a stunner.