Panama City-City Centre

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May 11, 2018

A ravishing rooftop bar in Panama City, Inedito combines dazzling views with spectacular drinks to quickly become one of the coolest bars in the city.

Offering sweeping views of Panama City, Panama, and spectacular cocktails to boot, Inedito has quickly become one of this cosmopolitan city’s most scintillating rooftop bars. While most rooftop venues brag about their vertigo-inducing prowess or boast about their recent entry into the record books as the ‘highest’ in their hometown, Inedito does neither. That’s mainly because Inedito is located on the second floor, but you also get the feeling that they aren’t the braggadocious types here anyway. No, while their vantage point over the city and the sea more than makes up for any lack of altitude, it’s all about the understated elegance here, with a decor that is chic yet classy (think soft shades of white and cream on the walls and plush outdoor couches). Regarding their view, from the perspective Inedito offers, you get a downright breathtaking vista of the sleek skyscrapers the city is famous for, alongside the idyllic coastline of Panama Bay and even an island or two thrown in for good measure. All of this serves as the backdrop for a nightlife scene nearly as steamy as the city itself, as when the sun goes down, Inedito comes alive as the home-away-from-home for some of the city’s most beautiful people and travelers to sip on-trend tipples.