Andy Wahloo

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Andy Wahloo

Paris-Bastille and the Marais

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Mar 15, 2018

From the street outside, pink neon lights read ‘oolhaW ydnA’ – a hint at this central Paris cocktail bar’s devil-may-care atmosphere.

A stalwart address in the area, the doors were first opened in 2004 by the Mazouz brothers, also the owners of London’s Sketch. A revamp in 2013 saw Andy Wahloo transformed into a kitsch-chic hotel lounge, albeit without the requisite guest rooms. The name is a compound of the iconic Pop Artist who once lived nearby and the Arabic word for ‘I have nothing’. From these disparate references, the bar’s own legend is born, whose vibrant personality can be felt in everything from the décor to the atmosphere.

So who is Andy Wahloo? Ask a member of staff and you’ll be regaled with tales of a globetrotting socialite who loves to dance with abandon and invent new drinks recipes inspired by his travels. To encapsulate his creative, carefree spirit, the walls of this Paris bar are lined with a funky jumble of framed artwork ranging from graphic prints and contemporary paintings to vintage show posters, all softly lit by the glow of the signage and a light-up dance floor, flanked by intimate clusters of tables and chairs. On a warm summer’s night, slip out through the back door and you’ll find yourself in a cosy courtyard shared with the neighbouring 404 bar and Derrière restaurant, which are also run by the Mazouz brothers.

Adding to the glamorous narrative of Wahloo, the menus are presented like pulp fiction zines, with each cocktail accompanied by a short story of one of his adventures. There is a breadth of options, including non-alcoholic blends, to suit all sorts of palates. If you order from the signature menu, it’s unlikely you’ll have tried anything quite like it as head barman Clément Faure encourages his team to be as intrepid with their concoctions as the bar’s namesake.

Whether for a laid-back, mid-week pick-me-up or an uninhibited weekend dancing to a regular rotation of DJs, drinks at Andy Wahloo will always hit the mark. You can bet his fashionable, international entourage will be joining him, too.