Paris-Bastille and the Marais

4.3 / 5 4 / 5

May 11, 2018

Dersou is a pretty exciting proposition all around.

Dersou is a pretty exciting proposition all around. The work of two of the most well-liked guys in the business – barman Amaury Guyot (of Prescription Cocktail Club and Sherry Butt fame) and Chef Taku Sekine (who’s served time at Beige, Fish, and Saturne) have opened a new cocktail themed restaurant (note the terminology) in the Bastille area – and it’s a winner. During the daytime you can grab lunch and a coffee. At dinner time they have two serving slots at 7:30 and 9.30. If you snag a table at the earlier serving you’re in for a treat. Dersou offers a very serious, inventive 5 to 7 course cocktail tasting menu.  It’s ambitiously priced but it is ambitious. Your experience might begin with a glass of champagne paired with a kimchi and soft boiled egg starter and then move onto something even more interesting like the crab soup over tofu paired with an akavit based cocktail. It’s the pairings that are central here. The drinks have been creatively and intelligently matched with the dishes. The space is pleasing in and of itself, with a counter at which solo diners or curious foodies can watch the action unfold. The buzz surrounding this place is considerable – and justifiably so.