La Resistance


La Resistance

Paris-Bastille and the Marais

4.6 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A chic-yet-comfy slice of Parisian cocktail life, La Résistance blends up-to-the-minute mixtures inside a stunningly-appointed venue in the 4th arr.

Offering a comfy-yet-cosmopolitan space to sip some of the finest modern cocktails in Paris, but leaving out any of the attitude you may expect from a trendy locale, La Resistance has quickly become one of the most talked about bars in the city.    The drinks are without a doubt the highlight of a night at La Resistance, but you are bound to be bowled over by the interior design first. Vibrant patterned wallpaper, striking statues (lookout for the golden panther with scores of  skyscrapers sticking out of its back), and a tucked-away candlelit back room provide the perfect vibe to imbibe.   When it comes to the drinks, while there are plenty of theatrics at La Resistance (they are a sucker for a good flaming drink, let’s put it that way), they don’t let the showmanship get in the way of craftsmanship. A few of the finest examples are the signature Oh My Dog (gin infused with white pepper, lime, pomegranate liqueur, and ginger ale) the flaming Blazzy Blazer (rum, passion fruit juice, and strawberries served alight), and the utterly refreshing Mojito de la Resistance (pink grapefruit, homemade vanilla sugar, mint leaves, vodka, and tonic). There’s also a fun line of shooters (they’re back in fashion, don’t you know) in addition to an extensive range of aperitifs, digestifs, and wine from all over France.