Paris-Bastille and the Marais

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May 11, 2018

The perfect nightclub to make you feel like a VIP- Nebar in St Petersburg Russia is a two story shisha bar open till early hours.

Nebar sits in a prime location in the middle of St Petersberg, attracting tourists and locals alike to their small but exciting VIP bar. To enter this joint you will have to well dressed, so dresses, suits and tuxes are the only things that will grant you entry. 

The two-story hookah club is definitely a space to be explored, the celebrity atmosphere really stands out and you can order certain packages to make your night more enjoyable and some offer free drinks for groups too! 

We highly recommend this place for big occasions as they know how to make your night shine! While they have a vast alcohol selection, Nebar also have some tasty food options such as their chicken liver and mushroom salad. Be sure to visit on themed night as they host a range of events such a ‘wet t-shirt party’! Not to mention their quirky bar staff, who like to perform bottle tossing as you’re waiting for your drinks to be prepared.