Pas de Loup

Pas de Loup

Paris-Bastille and the Marais

4.5 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Pas de Loup is the exciting new venture from Candelaria’s creative and talented Amanda Boucher. A must-visit bar near Oberkampf with cocktails and food.

Pas de Loup is the  exciting new venture from Candelaria’s creative and talented Amanda Boucher.
The low lit back room is massively atmospheric with fur throws and deep red walls. There’s a bar where you can watch Boucher do her thing, her drinks laden with house made syrups and infusions.
Take the vodka-based Indian summer, a zingy concoction made with house made cider vinegar syrup and a splash of absinthe, or the Dis-Donc, a layered drink laced with tarragon infused vermouth. These are complex, subtle creations.
Where this place leaps ahead is in its cocktail and food pairings. The menu suggests four different pairings ranging in price and style from the simple Sprit and Shitake team-up to the more advanced Chevreau complet. The unity of foie gras and calvados is note perfect and some of their cocktails have been engineered specifically to match with certain food items.
It’s a pleasure to experience drinks in this way, to experiment with flavour and taste. The full food menu is also worth exploring and we like the feel of the place, it’s lively, fun and laid back at the same time. 

Main photo credits: Pas de Loup official website