Paris-Bastille and the Marais

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May 11, 2018

Jerôme Susini's Shake N’Smash has reinvigorated a building owned by his family since the 1920s.

Jerôme Susini’s Shake N’Smash has reinvigorated a building owned by his family since the 1920s. The former Corsican restaurant is now home to a small, seductive cocktail bar and lounge with dark green walls bedecked with mirrors and numerous feather covered lamps. We particularly like the leopard print armchairs. The space is intimate and cosy, romantically candlelit, with a few choice modern edges. On the drinks front, there are signature cocktails, a punch option designed to be shared and a couple of warm cocktails too. One of the best is the signature drinks is the Dernier Metro, a sweet-sharp mix of raspberry purée, vodka, and citrus given a bit of a zing with some ginger. The In Bacchus We Trust is also intriguing, pairing cognac base with wine syrup and barbecue bitters, a layered drink. The food menu included foie gras served with gingerbread and some wonderful duck sauccison, tasty plates which also work well when shared. A DJ enlivens the mood later in the evening. 

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