Victoria 1836

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Victoria 1836

Paris-Champs Elysees

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May 11, 2018

A sumptuous shrine to whisky and the romance of Paris, Victoria 1836 is the perfect spot to sip cocktails served with a side of Arc de Triomphe views.

Just steps from the Champs-Élysées and situated alongside the Arc de Triomphe, Victoria 1836 stands as a monument to the pairing of this beautiful world-famous Parisian arch and the smooth smoky elegance of whisky. 

1836 was the year that the Arc de Triomphe was inaugurated, and it was also a year when the Chivas brothers were hard at work in Scotland perfecting their whisky recipe. Seven years later, their recipe would be named as the “Official Supplier to Her Majesty Queen Victoria”, and Victoria 1836 seeks to capture the magic of this golden era in the 21st Century. 

A bright, airy, and graceful space, Victoria 1836 is full of blue, white, and grey color accents alongside sweeping views to the Arc de Triomphe. The bar is no doubt elegant, but manages to still be welcoming with flickers of warm candlelight and floral arrangements. 

A stoic marble-topped bar adorned with rows-upon-rows of whisky bottles welcome guests as they enter Victoria 1836, pronouncing the venue’s deep love for Scotland’s finest export. The signature cocktail – The Old Victorian – is a show-stopping combination of Chivas 18 years, red wine aperitif, aged rum, lemon juice, bitters, and orange, which is then bottled and allowed to age for three weeks. This process provides each cocktail an exceptional depth of flavor and each customer can delight in their own individually presented pour. It is this attention to detail and cocktail crafting that makes Victoria 1836 a timeless treasure, much like Paris itself.