Les Grands Verres

Les Grands Verres
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Feb 25, 2019

Museums don’t seem like the first choice drinking spot but Les Grands Verres isn’t an average bar.

Head to the Palais de Tokyo in the 16th arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, to find this offering from Quixotic Projects (they’re behind the renowned Candelaria and Le Mary Celeste). It’s an ambitious concept, a world away from Paris’ typical offerings, but pulls it off with ease and style.

It’s certainly eye-catching as you step inside. It all has a very New York vibe and we settle into a cosy booth ready to order, surrounded by an eclectic mix of guests. Hundreds of lights hang low from the ceiling forming a soft-lit canopy above our heads highlighting how huge the restaurant and bar really are. The aesthetic is industrial: lots of glass and wood while the 13-metre bar, which is made of compacted earth, draws the eye across the space. It’s stylish but never intimidating.



While the drinks could have made a speedier arrival, they speak for themselves. The Lay Me Down plays on a Dark and Stormy while the One Night In Paris zings of grapefruit. Everyone agrees though that the C’est La Vie is the knockout – gin is mixed with olive liquor and fresh basil for a super refreshing short drink. Better yet, a visit won’t break the bank as cocktails start at 11 euros. They get bonus points too for the metal straws which tie into the bar’s low environmental impact ethos.

Les Grands Verres definitely seems more focused on the restaurant side than on the drinks but there are still plenty of couples perched at the bar watching the bartenders do their thing. If you’re hitting up the bar from across Paris then don’t miss the terrace and impressive views of the Iron Lady across the Seine. It’s an atypical space, living up to the quixotic name, but the sharp cocktails will make the trek worthwhile.