Baton Rouge
    Opera and Les Halles, Paris

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    The bar scene in Pigalle continues to evolve in ways that are pleasing. Baton Rouge, the brainchild of Joseph Biolatto – from Bar le Forum - and Julien Escot, has a Louisiana thing going on.

    The décor is quirky and not a little eerie with voodoo paraphernalia in the walls, an abundance of tufted skulls on sticks, which is nothing if not atmospheric at least. The drinks list takes its inspiration from Stanley Clisby Arthur’s 1937 book Famous New Orleans Drinks and how to Mix’em, so expect NOLA classics like the sazerac, expertly made.

    Their Mojito Criollo, a mix of rum, mint and spiced red wine, is a treat, as is their signature drink, a blend of Cognac, Guignolet, Absinthe and Champagne. There are also a range of potent punches and a few on-trend bottle-aged cocktails.

    Drinks start from 13 €which is in keeping with the area. On the food front, there are southern style snacks to choose from, including epic po’boys and big plates or ribs.

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