Dirty Dick
    Opera and Les Halles, Paris

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    This funky neo-tiki bar in SoPi (that's South Pigalle) was formerly a hostess bar, which gives its name, shall we say, an extra little frisson. Owned by the team behind the Russian-themed Kremlin, this place is retro heaven, all faux-Polynesian bamboo and lanterns, garish sunset murals, taxidermy animal heads, a puffer fish lamp and custom-made palm tree wallpaper, the room dominated by two imposing carved wooden totem poles.

    Rum is the order of the day here, with over 50 to choose from and a range of prices to fit every pocket. They serve a good selection of rum based drinks including tiki bar staples like the Mai Tai - as well as punch bowls called things like She Sells Sea Shells, which are designed to be shared by several people. Drinks are fresh and fruity, but also pack a punch.
    Read More Some are served in kitsch drinking vessels, like conch shells - and you might spot the occasional paper umbrella - but this is more than just a theme bar and the onus is on quality as well as presentation.

    The bar tenders are relaxed and friendly, a bunch of seriously cool guys, and the atmosphere is fun and lively, a place you can go to hang out and have fun. The birdsong soundtrack in the toilets is also a nice touch!

    Main photo credit: Dirty Dick official Facebook page

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