La Fidélité


La Fidélité

Paris-Opera and Les Halles

3.7 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A tres chic Parisian bistro-cum-cocktail-bar, La Fidelite serves up tasty French cuisine, wine, spirits and cocktails in elegant, sleek surroundings.

La Fidelite looks much like the lovechild of an expensive ambassador’s house and a seaside bistro – everywhere you look there are touches of sophistication and class, coupled with decor that wouldn’t be out of place in the rather sunnier and more relaxed South of France. From ivory corniced mirrors, chandeliers and sleek black leather couches, to wicker dining chairs and palm trees, La Fidelite is certainly a French restaurant with a difference.

The food menu at La Fidelite is a who’s-who of the best of French cuisine – foie gras, eggs cocotte, steak and Jacques scallops, with a few modern curveballs thrown in for good measure (like the chicken marinated in soy and ginger). As to be expected, there is a large wine list, with a heavy focus on red grapes to complement some of the heartier meat dishes, as well as a range of draught beers on tap. But it’s the glass-topped bar in La Fidelite, behind which lie many premium spirits, that is bound to catch your eye, and if you pull up a stool for a drink, the adept bartender will be able to whip you up an elegant cocktail to suit your tastes.  And if all of this dining and imbibing is a little too sedate for you, there is a small club in the basement which features regular live DJs, where you can retreat for a drink and a dance. 
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