Hotel Molitor


Hotel Molitor

Paris-Outer Paris

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May 11, 2018

The stylish Molitor hotel, housed in a great historical building, has a central bar which sits between two impressive pools. A must visit in Paris.

The Molitor baths were Paris’ most popular swimming pools from the 1920s all the way through to the 1980s when they were closed. Designed to resemble an ocean liner they were incredibly glamorous in their day. Johnny Weissmuller, the actor who would go on to play Tarzan on screen, was a lifeguard here for a while. After their closure the distinctive space became the site for parties and raves. But now the historical building has been revamped and reopened as the stylish Molitor hotel. The central bar is located between their two impressive pools and in the evenings you can sit and sip a drink while looking out at the water through the distinctive art deco porthole windows, the pools are beautifully illuminated at night. The bar – and indeed the whole hotel – is bright, white and contemporary in design with splashes of colour and modern art on the walls. They serve a range of decently made cocktails and a list of quality wines and beers. You can even dip your toes in water if you so wish. If the weather allows it you should head up to their roof terrace and soak up the panoramic views out over Paris.