Bread and Roses

Paris-St Germain and the Latin Quarter

3.8 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Bread & Roses is a place for sharing good food, good wine and good music.

This Anglophile lunch spot has for some time been a favourite with Parisians for its organic loaves, scones, and cakes, but the space has now evolved to include a fully stocked bar. The venue retains its airy, modern décor – all white walls and blonde wood – and its friendly atmosphere, but now it’s possible to sip a pina colada while partaking of one of their divine fruit tarts. The cocktail list is solid rather than spectacular, focusing on the classics, the perfect accompaniment to a slice of deeply savoury mushroom tart or a slice of their wicked brioche.

Main Photo Credit : Bread & Roses’s Website