La Coupole


La Coupole

Paris-St Germain and the Latin Quarter

3.8 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Looking for a place to visit for a special occasion? This is the venue for you. La Coupole in Paris exudes old world glamour and elegance.

Opened in 1927, La Coupole, a bar and brasserie in Montparnasse still exudes an old world glamour. For a taste of Paris as it once was, for an unmatched air of elegance, this is one to visit. Inside, the space is vast, full of linen-topped tables and art deco columns, with a gorgeous mosaic floor. The place is ideal for a special occasion; you only have to glance around to feel uplifted, somehow grander. So dress up in your best attire, order a bottle of champagne, skip the serviceable menu offerings and instead try the shellfish, displayed on ice along a huge counter.