Les Deux Magots


Les Deux Magots

Paris-St Germain and the Latin Quarter

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May 11, 2018

It ranks among the most famous cafes in Paris. Les Deux Magots, in a beautiful location on Place Saint Germain des Pres, has a rich cultural and historical ...

French philosophers Simone de Beauvoir and her lover Jean-Paul Sartre used to drink here, as did Picasso, Hemingway and many more. The bar honours this history in its ambience. It is still a place where writers and editors love to meet and discuss their latest works, even if nowadays they have to fight their way through a few more camera-carrying tourists than the existentialists ever had to.

Those who successfully push their way through the crowds of people snapping pictures of Les Deux Magots on their way to the Cafe De Flore or The Hemingway Bar will find themselves rewarded by a bar decorated exactly how it has been described in countless masterpieces of French literature. Full of rich red leather seating and warm light, it is simple and elegant in a typical French style, with the only really attention-grabbing decor being those two ‘magot’ figurines, reclaimed from the building’s former use as a silk shop.

It is the perfect place, in short, for a classic French apéritif, be it a pastis or a Kir Royale. For those looking for something a little less alcoholic, Les Deux Magots’ chocolat chaud comes highly recommended. Served in large bowls, it is the perfect drink to nurse while casually discussing some of the finer points of literature.

For those wishing to visit, we recommend weekday afternoons, as on weekends and evenings this Parisian bar is often heaving with holidaymakers looking for a taste of Hemingway’s or Camus’ nightlife.