Mezzanine Bar at Alcazar

Night Out

Mezzanine Bar at Alcazar

Paris-St Germain and the Latin Quarter

4.2 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Mezzanine Bar is a DJ-bar on the (yes!) mezzanine level of Terence Conran's fashionable Alcazar restaurant on the Left Bank.

Mezzanine Bar is a DJ-bar on the (yes!) mezzanine level of Terence Conran’s fashionable Alcazar restaurant on the Left Bank. A former printers’ shop, then a famous (or notorious) transvestite bar, there’s little trace of the venue’s colourful history, which has been abandoned in favour of the typical Conran minimalism, in this case mixed with modern French flair. The Mezzanine Bar is more special; a light, airy, glassy space with a great view of the people below. The cool, contemporary décor includes a polished nickel bar, wooden floors and plenty of cushions so you can recline at your ease. It won’t feel particularly new to anyone who has been in any of Conran’s other venues, but sometimes reliable quality trumps flighty originality, and the space has certainly been done out nicely with an eye to getting everything just right. Early evening it’s full of post-work bankers, lawyers and hipsters in suits and polo necks, or ladies-who-probably-lunch sipping glasses of Graves and Chablis by the bar, though as the night wears on the crowd gets a little trendier, and it has become something of a destination for the cool crowd. The curvy wave tables by the windows are great for dates too, while delicious snacks and sushi add to the eclectic surrounds. Cocktails include the champagne and vodka based Royal Pink Circus and the refreshing Ultra Violet Mojito, and there’s a decent selection of wines by the glass. There’s music courtesy of DJs from Wednesdays through to Saturdays, and the waiters are friendly (many also speak fluent English, if your French isn’t up to much).