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Paris-St Germain and the Latin Quarter

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Apr 16, 2018

Tiger is a cool tropical retreat in the heart of Paris, serving seasonal and fun gin cocktails alongside a wide range of expertly shaken sunny classics.

A dashing tropical escape in Paris’ 6th arrondissement, Tiger is a refreshing oasis for those who love their quality cocktails in a trendy yet fun – and floral – setting. Tucked away on Rue Princesse, Tiger impresses from the moment you spot its blue retro-tastic buzzing neon sign with its name emblazoned in elegant cursive script.

Once inside the bar, you are enveloped by walls layered in lush green palm prints and dangling lightbulbs, establishing right from the start that Tiger is not your ordinary cocktail bar. No, Tiger manages to be sunny and fun without compromising on cocktail quality, and that is the true magic here. The cocktail card is heavy on genuinely stunning gin creations like the Oh My Dog – pepper-infused gin, pomegranate liqueur, lime raspberry & rose cordial, and ginger ale – and the Parisian Sling – gin, lemon juice, French wild cherry liqueur, and a splash of soda.

In addition, a full range of gin and tonics composed of only the freshest seasonal ingredients is beautifully presented in balloon-style goblets. If you don’t fancy gin or if the decor has put you in the mood for a taste of the tropics, rest assured that Tiger has you covered with a full range of classic concoctions and tropical tipples, most notably the Papa Doble – a tangy daiquiri featuring grapefruit, like Hemingway himself sipped in Cuba – and a marvellous margarita made with mezcal.



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