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    Located near the Sorbonne, an area typically busting with student bars, WOS provides something different for the city's drinkers. WOS is a more upscale offering, with quality drinks including a zingy, potent gin and celery eau-de-vie, and a higher standard of food than one tends to find in this neighbourhood. There are more than 450 spirits available in the well-stocked bar as well as a good range of beer and wine if that's all you're craving. Styling themselves as a Fine Spirits Pub, that's what you get. A smart but not super-stylish space they screen the big sports games - with a vast range of spirits to choose from and knowledgeable and friendly staff. The crowd is pretty international and while it's still a popular choice with students, its appeal is much wider than that. The laid back, unpretentious atmosphere, reasonable prices and the fact that it stays open until 5am on the weekends goes some way to accounting for that. Their jazz nights are also great fun.

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