Lucky Chan’s


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May 11, 2018

An Asian-style noodle restaurant and bar, Lucky Chan’s is cloaked in the facade of a Chinese Laundry and serves up bowls of ramen and sweet cocktails.

Named after the fictional owner of a laundry empire, Lucky Chan’s is a bar and noodle restaurant cloaked in the facade of a Chinese laundry. When you enter, you’ll be greeted with industrial-sized washing machines filled with clothes, walls studded with ironing boards and brushed-metal lighting and pipes. But behind the seeming chaos lies a bustling noodle bar filled with Asian decorations, along with a rooftop terrace that most venues would be envious of.The food at Lucky Chan’s is, as you would expect, an education in ramen, dumplings and bao, although there are a few surprising snacks that can easily accompany the drinks list (warm wasabi peas and crispy pig’s ears, anyone?). Talking of the drinks, Lucky Chan’s has a small but creative cocktail list, featuring delights like the Little Bird Flip (cognac, sweet sherry, espresso, dark chocolate and quail’s egg) and the Kumquat Sour (whisky, hazelnut liqueur, kumquat jam, lemon and honey). They also occasionally offer cool and refreshing seasonal tipples, like bubble tea cocktails, but what is most surprising is the bar’s wine list, featuring some decent reds and whites from Australia and New Zealand. Unsurprisingly, Lucky Chan’s also pours many Japanese whiskies, Asian beers (including an intriguing seaweed ale), sake and Chinese tea. Credit Photo: