The Laneway Lounge


The Laneway Lounge


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May 11, 2018

Home to fine dining, exquisite cocktails, and stirring lives jazz, Perth's Laneway Lounge sprawls out over three rooms, each more impressive than the last.

One of the leaders of Perth’s cocktail bar renaissance, The Laneway Lounge offers a lavish escape from the busy city; one touched with class and backed by a smooth soundtrack of jazz. 

Comprised of three wholly unique rooms, The Laneway Lounge is the ideal locale for every mood. The Live Dining Room is the mecca for gourmet meals overseen by a local celebrity chef; The Lounge offers swanky private booths and an elegant nightlife experience; while The Bar is the cocktail-centric area. This is to say nothing of the Live Music Room, which hosts striking vocal performances from top-notch local talent.

All rooms are full table service spaces, and their walls are lined with ornate portraits, plush vintage chairs, and dozens of dangling oversized light bulbs, which all take you back to Jazz Age New Orleans or Paris. The cocktail menu on offer pays homage to this magical time and has been created by one of the city’s finest mixologist minds. It goes without saying they make sensational renditions of timeless staples here, but we can’t get enough of their signatures, which exude all the charm of the classics with more than a few twists.

A few examples are the Earl Grey & Mandarin Sour (premium vodka, freshly-pressed mandarin and earl grey foam), the smoking, tiki-inspired Laneway Volcano Punch (premium rum, apricot brandy, passionfruit, pineapple juice, and bitters), and the floral Chrysanthemum Fizz (chrysanthemum flower-infused vodka, thyme honey water, and lemon lime juice). The Laneway is also known for their sharing cocktails, featuring a Speakeasy Tea served smoking inside a giant teapot, and an extensive selection of spirits, with special reverence for gin. 

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