Wolf Lane


Wolf Lane


4.4 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Wolf Lane in Perth is a secretive and cosy loft style bar. Fairy Tale creatures from all over are welcome to come and have a drink.

Wolf Lane is where fantasy meets reality. The snug little bar tucked away in the alley of Murray street would go completely amiss if it wasn’t for the massive graffiti cartoon wolf on the door! 
Fairytales are definitely a huge part of this bars décor. Paintings on the bare brick walls show the mad hatters tea party, and what seems to be a combination of Snow White and other fairytales. But they seem to be missing Red Riding Hood? Maybe she is not welcome here. With vintage furniture and velvet curtains the bar is dark, intimate and secretive and we love it. 

There are lots of drinks on offer at Wolf Lane, such as ‘boutique beers’, local and international wines and a selection of cocktails. They have their classics, specialities ‘teapot’ cocktails, (because one drink is never enough). There are several drinks on their list to try, first off ‘the poison apple’. Honestly, we don’t know where else you will find a drink like this, it’s a combination of gin, elderflower and strawberry liquor, strawberry jam, cloudy apple juice and then a topping of absinthe! Wow. If there are a few of you at Wolf Lane, then try the ‘queen of hearts’ teapot cocktail, which blends vodka, peach liquor, cranberry juice with lemon and lime. 

The bar doesn’t dish up a full course but it does have some decent bar food. Try the Salsiccia Sarda which is like Spanish chorizo but better!