Late Night Drinking


Philadelphia-University City

4.3 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Pod is an Asian-fusion restaurant and bar in Philadelphia. A thrilling sensory experience, enjoy your sushi, colourful cocktails and flavoured sakes.

Get this: your sushi is delivered on a conveyor belt, your seats are the eponymous plastic pods that look straight out of sci-fi; and that giant, alien-like red-foam sculpture in the bar is for sitting on. Up to 50 extras at a time get to try it out. Welcome to Pod, a weird and wonderful Asian-fusion restaurant-bar that’s the talk of this particular galaxy. The Asian fusion food takes the emphasis of Japanese and all together add up to a thrilling sensory whole. Regulars are hip ‘Philly Fillies’ and with-it male model types who can’t resist the “latest scene”. We like the bar counter itself: a 14-steater gem made of a translucent amber resin and lit from beneath with white neon. Predictably, the drinks are as up-to-date as the décor, with a selection of flavoured sakes, colourful cocktails and Japanese sodas for those on the wagon. Forget back to the future – go forward to the future.