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May 11, 2018

Set besides a breathtaking lake in Northern Italy, KioskoStiss is home to refreshing and summery cocktails crafted by a world championship caliber staff.

Just steps from the shore of the enchanting Lago di Viverone, KioskoStiss is helping lead the cocktail revolution in Northern Italy, with a bartender who has recently received international accolades for his mixology skills. KioskoStiss is a simple space, relying on the ambiance of the nearby lake to take center stage, and it does in spades, creating an atmosphere suited for simply relaxing. Lago di Viverone may not be a world famous Italian lake, but it plays the part well with tranquil waters and majestic mountains in the distance. Once fully relaxed and in ‘lake mode’, you will find a cocktail card filled with all the classics, but a special emphasis on sunny drinks that pair perfectly with the waterside locale. While many a daiquiri and tropical drink has picked up a bit of a questionable reputation over the years, at KioskoStiss, they only make them with the finest of ingredients and the utmost of precision, leaving those who sip them simply amazed at the level of refreshment and fun a cocktail can bring. In fact, one of the lead bartenders at KioskoStiss has recently been chosen to represent Italy in the world championships, and this level of skill is on display in all the drinks poured here.  He earned his spot in that competition with a cocktail that blended gin and Indian spices, and while there’s no word if it will ever appear on the menu at KioskoStiss, rest assured you are in good hands with their already-enthralling  cocktail card. Picture credit –