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May 11, 2018

A friendly and fun pub by the sea in Porto, Bonaparte has been beckoning all with good times, great beer, and a truly special atmosphere since 1977.

An absolute legend of a pub on the seafront in Porto, Bonaparte has been cherished by generations of locals and tourists in the know since its opening nearly four decades ago. Founded by a gregarious German gentleman in 1977, Bonaparte’s charm has been celebrated ever since. The venue’s appeal is twofold: it’s location, a stone’s throw from both the sea and two of Porto’s most famous sights (Castelo do Queijo and Saint John’s Fort), and its one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The pub’s special ambiance is no doubt partly due to the eclectic interior of the pub, which takes a cue from the bar’s location, featuring traditional colorful Portuguese tiles on the outside plus dark woods and ‘so kitch they are cool’ nautical (think miniature replica ships, anchors, and bearded fishermen statues), Napoleonic, and other assorted trinkets inside. This is a laid back and homely place no doubt, and as such, has welcomed nearly every Porto local once or twice, being the type of place where people just happen to bump into friends. It isn’t only about the vibe at Bonaparte, as they are known for having one of the best whiskey and beer lists in the city, paying special attention to German brews. They also make a mean mojito and gin & tonic, too. Televised sports are often the center of the fun at the bar, and even if your team isn’t victorious, you still win, as a great time at Bonaparte is always assured. Photo credit –