Casa do Livro

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Casa do Livro


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May 11, 2018

An elegant café located in a former bookshop, Porto's Casa do Livro offers a refined step back in time to the era of jazz and classic cocktails.

A beloved bookshop turned café and bar on one of Porto’s most fetching streets, Casa do Livro is a polished yet welcoming address. A cue to the rich history of the venue is in the name, as Casa do Livro translates to ‘book house’ in Portuguese. The grand building where the café and bar is now located was indeed a local bookstore for decades, and the shop was so revered by the community that when it was turned into the modern venue, the plan was to pay homage from the start. This tribute came to fruition in the form of fully stocked bookshelves, Prohibition-era pinstriped wallpaper and lowly-lit miniature lamps, gilded mirrors, hunter green leather booths, and a jet black piano. While the history of the bar is indeed fascinating, what transpires today is just as enthralling, as Casa do Livro fills every night with one of Porto’s coolest, yet laid back, crowds. Jazz and soft soul music waft through the air, sometimes from live in-house pianists. The bar keeps up its end of the bargain pouring all the classic cocktails, in addition to a top-notch variety of champagne, wine, liqueurs, and spirits. Whiskey lovers are especially well-looked-after, and we can think of no better spirit to sip on while you peruse a book and listen to the tickling of the ivories. Photo credit –