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May 11, 2018

A 'factory' of fine drinks and great times in Porto, Fabrik is home to striking contrast of cool industrial decor and hot nightclub and cocktail bar.

A bar and club with a ‘sleek and chic’ industrial design, Fabrik lives up to its factory-inspired name to churn out some of the finest cocktails and nights out in Porto. The founders of Fabrik intended to name the bar something with an international appeal that was pronounced the same in multiple languages, and when they struck upon Fabrik, it ended up inspiring the decor of the bar as well. A logo featuring a playfully-drawn factory puffing smoke greets you at the door, and dim neon light, dark walls and floors, and exposed exhaust piping are waiting inside. The rest of the venue is filled out with matching minimalist touches, slightly on the cold side of things, but luckily for us, the club and cocktail bar is always sizzling. Cocktails are second to none in the city, featuring a wide range of fresh-shaken caipirinhas and mojitos, which have already garnered quite the reputation. Flavors like strawberry, raspberry,  blackberry, forest and tropical fruits are wildly popular, with their signature caipirinha including port wine and passionfruit in the mix. Gin and tonics follow suit, constructed with just as much passion and a creative ingredient pallette. Spirits like whiskey, cachaca, and rum are also plentiful at Fabrik, in addition to a sensational selection of beer, wine, and shots. Top-notch DJs keep the club buzzing until late, playing a wide range of music to impress all tastes. Photo credit – https://www.facebook.com/fabrikbar