Ori Gin


4.2 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Creatively combining sensational sushi with some of the finest gins in the world, Ori Gin has created a buzz on the Porto restaurant and bar scene.

A hip new cocktail bar and restaurant in Porto, Ori Gin is home to a bountiful supply of gin bottles and some of the finest sushi rolls in town. 
Located in a sleek modern brick building near the São João Hospital, the interior of Ori Gin is minimalist in appearance save a stylish logo of the bar’s name, one concentric Far East-inspired artifact, and one small splash of greenery in the form of a potted tropical plant. The terrace outside follows suits with a collection of chic yet comfortable chairs and oversized umbrellas presenting a fantastic option on Porto’s signature sunny days. It’s the sushi and gin that you’ve come for though, and once presented with the bar’s menu, the great first impression is complete. 
The sushi menu reads like a ‘greatest hits’ of the sushi roll world, with all creations colorfully presented and exquisitely garnished. The gin collection is the bar’s pride and joy at Ori Gin, and they stock everything from top shelf household names to small independent brands doing creative things in the gin game. Bottles from Britain, Spain, India, and Belgium, among many others, adorn the shelves behind the bar at Ori Gin, and are all poured into a creative roster of gin and tonics.