AnonymouS Bar (Prague)

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AnonymouS Bar (Prague)


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May 11, 2018

In what is certainly a first, Prague's Anonymous Bar is themed around the epic movie V For Vendetta and its cryptic hero's ubiquitous mask.

In what is certainly a first, Prague’s AnonymouS Bar is themed around the epic movie V For Vendetta and its cryptic hero’s ubiquitous mask. Located in a former stable house in Prague’s historic Old Town,AnonymouS Bar is hidden among the tourists haunts that have given Prague a dubious reputation in some cocktail world circles. AnonymouS Bar smashes that tired story with something never seen before and creates drinks as inspiring as the ending of the movie. Speaking of the film, it plays on a non-stop loop here at Anonymous Bar and all drinks are named after some element of the movie, Guy Fawkes, or the ‘hacktivist’ movement he inspired. The bartenders do their stuff while wearing Guy Fawkes masks, and if all this is sounding a bit too style-over-substance for you, you needn’t be worried as the brothers who started the bar are trained mixologists who put their skills to maximum use behind the masks. Favourites like the Scarlet Rose – an homage to the frothy and creamy Gin Fizz full of gin and egg white – and the Thomas Fawkes (Blue) Blazer with its fiery, streaking presentation are on par with the best of the genre. While the theme is one-of-a-kind, what truly makes Anonymous Bar special is that they don’t rest on the laurels of their unique reputation, instead focusing on cocktails done the right way. It all comes together to create a bar like nothing else in Prague, or the world, for that matter.