Night Out

One Club Prague


4.1 / 5 0 / 5

May 11, 2018

A titan on the Prague nightlife scene, One Club Prague is home to a slick and sumptuous decor, fine cocktail bar, and some of the finest DJs in the city.

Prague has always been synonymous with cobblestoned streets, church spires, and centuries of history, but for many visitors (and locals alike) lately, the city has also become known as one of the best spots in Europe to club; and One Club has quickly become one of the best places in Prague to party the night away. Created by a top-notch team with decades of club experience, the goal of One Club from the start was to combine comfort and class with a night out that guests won’t soon forget, and we’re happy to report that they have more than succeeded in their goal. How do they do it? Well, for starters the interior of One Club is the epitome of sumptuous, full of slick leather booths and striking prints on the wall, both bathing in light from either glamorous chandeliers above or a myriad of multi-colored bulb panels on the walls. Yes, the decor gets things off on the right foot, but it’s the fact One Club is home to a full daily program that really sets them apart from the rest. This ensures there’s never any downtime, and when combined with the quality of the sound system and who’s behind it (think international table-turners like Afrojack and elite up-and-coming DJs), you may never want to leave the dance floor. If you do get thirsty though, rest assured there’s a quality cocktail bar on site (it’s our job to check on such things), and it serves up fine mixes and bottles of bubbly to help make the nights that much more memorable.