Night Out

L' Fleur Bar

Prague-Prague 1/Old Town

4.7 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Set amongst the cobblestones of Prague's Old Town, L' Fleur Bar is a cocktail and champagne bar with a flair for the finer things in libation life.

One of the undisputed leaders of the cocktail revolution currently gaining traction in Prague, L’ Fleur Bar is a graceful and grand den dedicated to the art of the cocktail. While L’ Fleur Bar may be located in the heart of the medieval and modern-day-tourist-trodden Old Town, the bar still maintains an air of glamour from a bygone era. Jazz Age Paris is probably what will pop to mind when you bound through the door at L’ Fleur Bar, which encompasses exposed brick, candlelight, crystalline chandeliers, and booths that slink the length of the venue. The cocktails are the calling card at L’ Fleur Bar, and the menu is loaded with creative new concoctions and tried-and-true tipples. Examples of cocktail excellence include the Sante, Rudi! – 12 year whisky, cherry and apricot brandy, and roasted walnut bitters – the Frontiere Belge – jenever, malt syrup, butterscotch liqueur, egg white, and pear eau de vie – and the Decadente, which features V.S.O.P. cognac, house “opium syrup”, absinthe, all topped with a float of smoke clouds. On top of this, L’ Fleur Bar also puts their own signature spin on all classic cocktails they pour, offers barrel-aged blends featuring gin, whisky, and mezcal, and is home to a monstrous menu of champagnes that assuredly makes the statue of Dom Perignon posted in the corner of the bar proud.  
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