Bar 101


Bar 101


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May 11, 2018

Bar 101 is a traditionally British showcase for an extensive whiskey menu in the bustling city of Pune, India.

A world away from the bustling Pune streets outside, Bar 101 boasts comfy mahogany leather sofas, dark wood panelling, and austere, elegant décor that’s transports you to a Scottish country estate. Appropriately enough, the drinks menu is a loving showcase for 101 examples of Scotland’s best-loved tipple. A far-reaching whiskey list takes in blended whiskeys, single malts, Highland and Speyside whiskeys, as well as international offerings from Japan, Kentucky, Ireland and Canada. There’s even a range of home-grown Indian whiskeys to round off the thoroughly authoritative list. Whiskeys are served from cut-glass decanters, on the rocks or neat. There’s also a small selection of classic cocktails, and a list of wines and beers. Finally, to round off the ethos of old school luxury, there’s also a menu of cigars, and a thoroughly British selection of food including roasted meats and smoked salmon. Taking up residence in Pune’s JW Marriott hotel, Bar 101 draws a crowd of seasoned travellers and locals with a taste for whiskey alike. Fully air-conditioned, and offering a choice of well-stuffed sofas in the lounge and blue-lit tables, it’s as likely to play host to a business meeting as a refined evening out. Either way, it’s a sophisticated bar that’s streets away from anything else you’ll find in Pune. Photo credit –