Quebec City-City-Center

4 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

An eclectic and cool resto-bar in Quebec, Shaker shakes up masterful cocktails at the bar and cooks up sizzling gastronomical delights in the kitchen.

A hip resto-bar in Quebec, Shaker serves up the best of the food and mixology world under one cool roof. Walking into Shaker, one is destined to be spellbound by the eclectic decor, a perfect blend of ‘reserved restaurant’ and ‘rebellious bar’. This is your first indication that Shaker isn’t quite like anywhere else you’ve been lately. Plenty of rustic wood is juxtaposed against a black-and-white chalkboard-style wall emblazoned with images of the Quebec flag, axes, a deer’s head, the Statue of Liberty, wine bottles, and well, you catch our drift. Other touches include a centerpiece island bar with slick black leather stools and a massive glowing sign that declares “Be Amazing”. The person tasked with concocting the mixology menu took the sign’s advice to heart, because the list is nothing short of sensational, all served in rustic glass jugs. A couple of our favourites are the Porto Paradise (white port wine, cucumber, mint, aloe, and tonic) and the Merry Poppins (mandarin-flavored premium vodka, peach liqueur, raspberry liqueur, and cranberry juice). Vintage cocktails, wine, and beer lovers are also well looked after at Shaker, as they are astute to the standards in addition to the trendsetting tipples. The gastro side of things follow suit, with a sizzling menu full of burgers, tartares, and a particularly luscious lobster roll.