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    The iconic Bardeaux is a sumptuous up-market venue that aims to be more New York than New Zealand and we have to say it's succeeded! Gorgeous, magazine-cover bar-staff have fine-tuned the service while female drinkers closer to Bardot than Bardeaux flirt with the handsome boys by the barstools. Inside, it's simply lovely: a bastion of understated elegance that conjures the private gentlemen's clubs of old think comfortable leather chairs arranged around a roaring fire, bottle lined walls and an intimate ambience. It's compact size means you may need to get there early to get a seat but this isn't a place where you have to fight through a wall of bodies to get to the bar, more a relaxed spot that is perfect for a romantic date (especially if you can bag a fireside seat) or the ideal place to chill out aprßs-ski. Service is top notch and there's an extensive wine list on offer, mixing the best of the local Pinots with vintage wines and champagnes; cocktails, too, are a speciality and made with care by staff who know what they are doing with a cocktail shaker. They're always happy to help, so feel free to ask for recommendations if you don't see what you like on the menu. Given the more grown up ambience than some of the surrounding party bars, this attracts a more laid back, slightly older crowd, happy to relax and chat into the early hours (the venue is open from 4pm-4am every day, meaning you needn't be in any hurry to go home). And once you're in Bardeaux, you may find yourself very happy to stay.

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