Bruyggjan Brugghaus

Bruyggjan Brugghaus


  • Beer
  • Great food
3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Bryggjan Brugghaus in Reykjavik, Iceland is a small traditional beer bar inside the oldest building within the area. Serving good beer and food cooked on an open fire, it’s a bar you don’t want to miss.

After 140 years Bruyggjan Brugghaus is the oldest standing house in Oddeyri. The simply designed bar holds large wooden tables for groups to sit along with oddly placed metal tables accompanied by mini cactus plants. Their special feature is their glass wall showing off their large brewing tanks, it’s a definite conversation starter!

The food menu at Bruyggjan and Brugghaus is traditional to Iceland. They have a brilliant open fire in an outside yard section to the bar where they cook their speciality ribs that are marinated in Viking beer! With an open fire, their pizzas have become a favourite among locals for their fresh flavour. We highly recommend the ‘sea trick’ lobster, scallops and cod covered in a mild curry sauce. If you want to go full out, order the starter beef carpaccio that is cooked in olive oil along with lemon, tomato sauce and arugula. Don’t forget to grab a side of sweet chips!

The bar offers several draft beers on tap along with 4 region specific brew beers. In particular their speciality, ‘red beer’. You can order a set of three beers to taste and they come in small glasses. Try the drink ‘double IPA’ too!

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