Spot Kafe


Spot Kafe


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May 11, 2018

A laid back yet lively bar in the heart of Riga's buzzing Old Town, Spot Kafe is the perfect place to tip back shots and cocktails with friends.

Located on one of the most romantic streets in Riga, Spot Kafe is adored by locals and travelers alike for its laid-back atmosphere and rollicking roster of shooters. We must first talk a little bit more about Jauniela Street though, as this curvy, pastel-colored, cobblestoned beauty is almost worth the trip to the bar alone. Renowned for being the most alluring street in town, it has served as the backdrop for Latvian movie scenes, and strolling down its stones is one of the quintessential ways to take in the charms of Riga’s medieval Old Town.  Once you’ve taken your snaps of the street and you’re inside Spot, a different type of  lesson in Riga institutions awaits. You’ll immediately spot disco balls and old LPs hanging from the ceiling and when you take a look at the drinks menu, it’s dominated by that most fun of tiny tipples: shots. There’s a couple of classics, but it’s mostly fun originals like the Jellyfish (vodka, curacao, absinthe, and cream liqueur), the Bad Habit (vodka & peach liqueur) and the Black Devil (traditional Latvian herbal liqueur and absinthe). Quality cocktails and wine are also on offer, and we almost forgot to mention that they have a reputation here for drinks being very budget-friendly, so plan on buying the next round.