Rio de Janeiro-City-Center

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May 11, 2018

Combining fresh-brewed craft beer and fresh-shaken cocktails with a soundtrack of rock-n-roll, Caverna is one of the hippest spots in Rio de Janeiro.

A true shrine to all things rock-n-roll, Caverna is the place to go in Rio de Janeiro for good music, great burgers, and even better cocktails and beer. In the heart of the famous Botafogo neighborhood, which is currently undergoing a massive revival, Caverna has become a home for all those who like a little rock on the side of their beverage and to enjoy their drinks in a fun and welcoming atmosphere that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
Walking into Caverna, you are immediately taken away to another place. Inspired by the great rock bars of America and the United Kingdom, Caverna has gone all-out in their theme, with dangling lightbulbs, coasters with quotes from iconic songs, and a buzzing neon sign behind the bar that reads “Highway to Hell” (the title of a legendary AC/DC song), welcoming you to the venue. Despite the quote, it’s all heavenly at Caverna, as the soundtrack playing from the speakers is hands-down the best in the city, and the drinks and food aren’t far behind.
Cocktails like the Cold Fashioned – premium dark rum, brown sugar, bitters, and orange – the Bullshot – pepper-spiced vodka with beef stock – and the Apple Jack martini, would fit right in at a jukebox-blaring bar in America, and Caverna even does a line of shooters and Jello shots to fully pull off the stateside theme. A highlight of the Jello shots is the Captain Caveman, which is a jiggly beast flavored with a legendary German herbal liqueur and topped with a sweet energy drink. Caverna has its own line of craft beer which is poured from the taps and is also home to a rotating burger and bar food menu that is full of decadent and delicious dishes, even including vegetarian and vegan alternatives.