Rio Scenarium

Rio de Janeiro-City-Center

3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Looking for a club, a restaurant and an antique warehouse all rolled into one!? Rio Scenarium in Rio de Janeiro is the place for you. Find out more!

Rio Scenarium is a club, a restaurant and an antiques warehouse all rolled into one and covers three sumptuous floors. The place is quite extraordinary and mercifully a techno-free zone, opting instead for the hypnotic rhythms of samba forró and gafieira. The cream of Brazil’s musicians play here and draw vast crowds. What immediately strikes you is how big it is; four buildings were joined together to create it. All manner of objet d’art – clocks, radios, even mannequins grace the bar, which serves full entrees and a by no means shabby selection of wines. Particularly moreish are the porçßes (finger food platters) and why not accompany it with one of the excellent sparkling Brazilian wines.