City-Center, Rotterdam

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    Located in the upcoming area around the Meent, Level is a trendy venue, full of see-and-be-seen types. Though rather self-conscious in its atmosphere of studied cool, this place delivers the goods when it comes to cocktails. Those who take their drinks seriously will find lots to appeal to them here. The cocktail menu has been thoughtfully put together and the bar tenders know their craft well. The place is particularly popular in summer when it spreads out on to terrace, blending indoors with outdoors to form when super hip, buzzing space. Judiciously placed pavement heaters mean that even if there's a bit of a nip in the air, you can still enjoy a drink beneath the setting sun. Chilled and relaxed before 9pm, later in the evening a livelier atmosphere prevails. The expensive but attractive restaurant is well worth investigating, if only to sample their justifiably Bistro menu.

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