Stein Terasse


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May 11, 2018

The Hotel Stein is quite the modern oasis slap bang in the middle of Salzburg's charming Old Town....

The Hotel Stein is quite the modern oasis slap bang in the middle of Salzburg’s charming Old Town. Perched upon the roof with a sweeping terrace and utterly spectacular views of the city’s historic Left Bank, the bar (and indeed the hotel to which it belongs) is a fresh contemporary space in a city that can at times feel a little stuffy. Feast your eyes on the Le Corbusier style chairs which look every bit as modern as when Charles-ßdouard Jeanneret-Gris (to give him his real name) designed them in 1928. There is much glass and tile on show, all of which lends the establishment an air of elegant modernity which is seldom met with in Saltzburg. Small wonder then that the rooftop bar is one of the choicest spots in town and as popular both with locals as resident alike. On any give night you can find a well-educated sophisticated crowd sipping cocktails and grazing on bag-on decent dishes from a contemporary menu. While its al fresco setting makes its appeal confined to the summer or at least to clement weather, the fact remains that one can say without fear of contradiction that it is one of the best places to linger with a drink and soak up the sights of Salzburg. Oh, and perhaps best of all, Mozart’s birthplace lies a mere 250 m from the hotel! Such swank doesn’t come cheap, but by golly it is worth parting with a few well-earned shekel for this level of of luxury.