Noble Experiment
    Core-Columbia, San Diego

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    What's the best place to hide a secret bar? In another bar, of course: which is exactly what they've done with San Diego's Noble Experiment. The name, of course, is a reference to Prohibition and the bar is fittingly hidden, speakeasy style, next to the entrance to the kitchen in popular Downtown hang out The Neighborhood. It's properly hard to spot, tucked behind a stack of beer kegs, and you'll need a reservation if you want to gain access, which needs to be made ahead of time by text. The interior has a kind of gothic thing going on, with a wall decorated with brass skulls overlooking a row of white booths, a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The mood is intimate and teasingly illicit and, while compact, the drinks list is also very inventive, showcasing some of the best mixology in the city. They do a good line in whisky-based cocktails, including the potent Serious Kick which delivers on what it promises and the bar tenders are skilled enough to knock you up a bespoke creation if you give them some pointers. There are a few wines available too but really this place is all about the cocktails.

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