Polite Provisions
    North Park, San Diego

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    Self-styled purveyours of elixirs and cures, this classy North Park bar will ease whatever ails you. The cocktails here, made with house bitters, are some of the best in town. Try the Misty Mountainback, a blend of rye whiskey, fresh lime juice, pineapple, and housemade ginger beer and bitters, served long, or the delicate, effervescent Foxy Cleopatra, a blend of sparkling wine, apple lambic and cinnamon. There are punchbowls designed to be shared by up to six people and a small range of cocktails on tap, including a classic gin and tonic and the strawberry-scented Casual Encounter. The drinks list features several beer based cocktails including the Amaro Filter which blends whisky and porter and the beer selection in general is oretty impressive (and in a city like San Diego that's saying something) with the rich, coffee-dark Alesmith Speedway Imperial Stout on tap as well as Lost Abbey Devotion, a local Belgian-style pale ale. Though Polite Provisions don't have a kitchen themselves, they share a building with the gloriously monikered Soda and Swine, specialists in meatbally goodness, so you can order a chorizo chipotle sub and a side of dirty fries to go with your cocktail of choice. The crowd is a little bit hipster but not achingly so and those cocktails are gold.

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