Chill Out

Soda and Swine

San Diego-North Park

4.4 / 5 1 / 5

May 11, 2018

This hip San Diego eatery with its cool open roof offers a distinctive menu of meatballs and soft-serve ice cream as well as a large selection of sodas. A

This hip San Diego eatery with its cool open roof offers a distinctive menu of meatballs and soft-serve ice cream as well as a large selection of sodas. Affiliated with Polite Provisions, it’s a warm wood-filled space, comfortable and stylish. The menu is meatball based. Take your pick of pig, chicken or cow (or, er, quinoa), choose your vessel: bun or spaghetti or just smothered in sauce, and then pick your sides: garlic bread, fried pizza knots, mac n cheese or crispy chickpeas. They serve the ubiquitous Brussels and bacon and some seriously dirty fries, piled high with more meat. On the soda side you can choose from all manner of options: egg creams, colas, root beers, sasparaillas. there are beer floats and champagne slushies too if you want something a bit harder. Round all this up with a slice of pie or a swirl of soft serve (or go wild and have both). It’s gimmicky, sure, but it’s a great gimmick and they what they do well. The place has a really cool atmosphere too.