San Francisco-City-Center

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May 11, 2018

At the heart of San Francisco's Mission neighborhood, the elegantly vintage Wildhawk brings together master mixology with one-of-a-kind nostalgic recipes.

Replacing a legend on the San Francisco bar scene is never an easy task, but we are happy to report that Wildhawk just might have pulled it off. 
For nearly two decades, a beloved watering hole called The Lexington stood watch on the corner of Lexington & 19th in the city’s Mission district, serving as a drink-pouring symbol of this famously diverse neighborhood and its colorful character. When it closed its doors, many across the Mission held their collective breath, only exhaling when the Wildhawk opened and they had their first taste of their masterful pours.
The polar opposite of the previous establishment, Wildhawk has been designed to envelope all who enter in the shimmer of a vintage far-flung locale, with antique tin ceilings, zebra print bar stools, roughed-up wooden floors, floral wallpaper, and plush emerald green seats. No, you aren’t in The Lex anymore, but you are in store for some of the city’s most inventive and painstakingly put-together cocktails. The Amor Bravio is a standout, as it mixes premium tequila with artisan apple juice, cherry liqueur, and eucalyptus tincture to tickle the senses and we also really love their 9 Deaths of the Ninja which dazzles with Japanese whiskey and toasted coconut. The one everyone is Instagramming though is the Breakfast Negroni (a negroni infused with the flavor of a wildly popular chocolate-flavored puffy breakfast cereal), which is served in a bowl with orange slices swimming on top in the shape of stars and letters. Basically, the Breakfast Negroni is a delicious blend of nostalgia and new, which is a good way to sum up Wildhawk. 

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