Third Rail

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Third Rail

San Francisco-Dogpatch

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May 11, 2018

Third Rail is an 'artisan cocktail bar' located right in the heart of the Dogpatch District...

Third Rail is an ‘artisan cocktail bar’ located right in the heart of the Dogpatch District. As the name suggest, there’s a railroad theme to the new venture from the team behind Mission favourite, Range. Inspired by the location’s past as a railway yard, the bar is cool cream and blue space with a striking wall clock, salvaged we believe from a French train station, suspended over the retro black leather seating. The bar serves a great range of craft cocktails and local beers as well as the now obligatory wine on tap. There’s also a “jerky bar” dispensing homemade dried and cured meats by the ounce, should you need a serious meat fix to pair with your drink of choice (the Jerk Jerky, a blend of beef, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Clove, Allspice, Thyme packs a serious punch). The cocktail menu is divided into four categories: spirituous, aperitif, seasonal and citrus. Their house concoctions include the Cloven Hoof, a devilish mix of rum, Cerbois arnagnac, and madiera, laced with seven spices, and the signature drink, the Third Rail, something of a Range favourite, which blends Buffalo Trace bourbon, Lillet, honey, lemon, and orange bitters, to create something smooth and soothing with an agreeably warming effect.