Gino and Carlo
    North Beach, San Francisco

    About Gino and Carlo

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    unpretentious Italian sports pub has been a North Beach institution since 1942.
    As you might expect, it's a properly old-school kind of establishment and we're
    glad it still exists relatively unchanged and untouched. Fashions come and go
    but this place continues to do its own thing. Once past the tricolore exterior
    you’ll find yourself in a room a long bar, a scattering of well-worn chairs and
    tables, a further scattering of pool tables, and numerous photos on the walls,
    of Joe DiMaggio, Tommy Lasorda, Frank Sinatra, and Francis Ford Coppola and the
    like, who all knocked back a drink or two here in the past. Equally popular
    with old-timers as with a younger crowd who like its vibe, it’s an agreeably
    mixed place. There’s a decent range of drinks available, including
    Italian-style aperitivos and cocktails, as well as a good selection of shots
    and beer. There's a quality jukebox and the atmosphere is great when a big game
    is on TV. No food though, so you may want to fuel up on pizza at nearby Golden

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