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    People who like their tequila will like Tommy's. It's a given. This San Francisco Mexican bar and restaurant stocks an excellent, well-chosen range of tequilas and the staff really know their stuff they'll happily guide you through the maze of agave-based tipples to find the one that suits your tastes, and you may well need the help, since the menu numbers up into the hundreds of varieties and the novice can easily be confused. They do, after all, bill themselves as 'the world's best tequila bar', so they have given themselves a lot to live up to. Somehow, they manage it. Visitors are encouraged to really savour and appreciate the spirit and its complexities of flavour and not just to swamp it in a cocktail though, having said that, they do make a mean Margarita, sharp and strong and smooth. Real enthusiasts can join the venue's Blue Agave club, which offers tastings through the week and various other membership benefits, aiming to increase appreciation of tequila as a quality drink. Though they certainly venerate tequila, Tommy's isn't a temple and the lounge is usually heaving with a lively, young-ish crowd. The Mexican food is very good too, though offers few surprises the usual selection of tostadas, enchiladas and burritos, admittedly done well, and there are a few ß-Yucatecan Cuisineß- specials if you want something slightly aside from the norm accompany them with a pitcher of those strong Margaritas for good measure. But the drinks are, without a doubt, the main event so get down to Tommy's and treat yourself to some serious tequila in the company of a fun crowd.

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