Bartlett Hall

San Francisco-Union Square

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Bartlett Hall, which occupies the spacious former Union Square home of Santorini's, is an off-the-moment spot...

Hall, which occupies the spacious former Union Square home of Santorini’s, is an off-the-moment
spot, with beer brewed on site and a selection of local craft brews on offer as
well as a seriously exciting food menu including awesome chicken wings – served
with fermented pepper sauce, kimchi, and bacon aioli – and glazed ribs with
miso, maple, and curry. On the drinks
front, there are lots of tempting cocktails, mostly classics with a twist,
including daiquiris and negronis and a couple of barrel-aged options (of
course). We’re particularly intrigued by the Tessie Wallbanger, a blend of
vodka, lemon, carrot, and IPA. The wine list is local in its emphasis with a
leaning towards Napa wines. The room is handsome with original features and the
brewing equipment on display.