La Factoria


La Factoria

San Juan-Center

4.6 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

La Factoria in Puerto Rico is so famous that it doesn't need a sign outside - simply look for the terracotta building filled with music and laughter.

With a casual neighborhood vibe and an appearance as eclectic as the ever-so-skilled bartenders, La Factoria is the perfect place to relax and unwind on any night of the week. Its checkerboard flooring betrays the number of dancing feet that have graced it, while the twinkling fairy lights overhead offer a more romantic and enchanting air. La Factoria is so famous that it doesn’t need a sign outside – simply look for the terracotta building filled with music and laughter – because locals and visitors alike know that this is by far the best mixology bar in San Juan. Artisanal cocktails at La Factoria all come complete with their own hand-carved ice, and many feature the bar’s homemade bitters, including seasonal delights such as the Lion’s Tail – a warming concoction of bourbon, honey, lime, whisky liqueur and bitters – or the zingy and refreshing Murphy’s Surfer Calavera – gold and white rums, pineapple shrub, tamarind, bitters and grenadine. The most popular order by far, however, is the Lavender Mule; a fun new take on a classic, served up in a silver mug. The wooden door at the back of La Factoria leads to a separate “secret” wine bar called Vino, which is bijou (to say the least – only around 15 people can squeeze in) and serves a rotating selection of wines written up on a chalkboard. A resident DJ spins tunes until the early hours in the main bar area, making La Factoria the place to be both when the sun goes down and comes up